The Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt

Possibly smart locks are the most important part of a truly connected and smart home. It will not only let you come and go as you wish, but it will also monitor anyone who enters and leaves your house as you go. Some models allow you to use your phone to open and close doors. Some allow you to provide special benefits to friends, family members, or maintenance officers. Others can be activated using voice commands or triggers from other smart home devices and services.

The Best Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt in 2021

Here I am going to discuss an invisible smart lock that supports a Home kit for remote connectivity and voice control.


Designed to provide simple and reliable smart security in a simple and elegant design, the Bolt Level is the first and only Invisible Smart Lock. It’s designed to fit with existing hardware and housing so you can have smart keys without adding a trash can or a large keyboard to your beautiful front door.

The Invisible Smart Lock Bluetooth Deadbolt

Key Features:

  • Make your keys smart: Designed to replace existing strong locks, the Level Bolt is the only way to move your locks invisibly. Add smart amenities to your home without a large number of ugly smart keys.
  • Designed for Everyone: Make it easy for friends and family to use their phones, voice, or keys to enter your home. Unlock automatically when approaching and lock after departure.
  • Strong and secure: With a 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox, the Level Bolt smart lock meets the highest industry standards.
  • Stay connected: Works with iOS and Android. Home Kit compatible.
  • Easy Installation: The Bolt Level features an innovative compact wireless design, simplifying installation with just a screwdriver. The customizable background of Invisible Smart Lock will fit Profiles 2 and “and “2.” Refer to the specification sheet in the Documentation and Product Manual section below to ensure your deadbolt will work with the Bolt Level.


  • Very clean and simple. There are no large components that fit the thumb.
  • Installation takes less than 15 minutes and is very easy.
  • Insert the battery into the bolt. Very easy to replace; Simply turn to the lock position and loosen the ends of the bolts.
  • Strong Home kit integration and can lock/unlock doors through Siri.


  • The included beater plate is larger than that normally used with housing cutter locks.

Item’s information:

Item’s mass1.06 pounds
Measurement3.31*1*2.25 inches
ColorSatin Chrome
FinishSatin Chrome
MaterialStainless steel
Power sourceBattery-powered

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