How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine

If you are worried about how to clean a Breville Espresso Machine, you do not need to worry about it. Here we are providing information about machines and tips or instructions to clean your Breville Espresso Machine.

Cleaning the Breville Barista Espresso Machine and other Breville Espresso models such as:

  • Barista Express
  • Oracle
  • Oracle Touch
  • Barista Pro
  • Barista Touch
  • Bambino Plus
  • Duo Temp (Pro)

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 can have a profound impact on the taste of Espresso, cappuccino, and other coffee drinks. Old coffee beans, natural oil waste in coffee beans, or minerals in water can accumulate in the espresso machine and add a bitter or unpleasant taste to your drink. You can prevent this by cleaning your Breville coffee machine periodically after each use and giving it a thorough cleaning once a month.

So here we will discuss two cleaning routines of  Breville Espresso Machine

Regular cleaning & Monthly cleaning

Regular Cleaning

It’s great to get excited and keep using your new coffee machine. You will quickly realize that things can get messy fast. So, here is a quick help and tips for cleaning up your Breville Espresso Machine daily.

How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine
  1. Remove Filter and Empty Grounds of Machine

Remove the filter holder from the Espresso Machine as soon as it stops mixing. Clear the coffee powder and wash the filter and strainer filter with warm water. If ground coffee stays in the filter, use a nylon comb to rub it gently.

2. Infuse Plain Water

Return the filter and the empty filter to the Breville Espresso and mix in plain water for 10 to 15 seconds. Then pour hot water into the cup.

3. Cleaning Forth Enhancer

After using it, pull the foam adder from the stim stick and clean it under lukewarm water.

4. Eject the Milk

Rotate the control knob on the front of the Breville Espresso machine to the steam-setting for two to three seconds to remove milk from the stick.

6. Clean the Steam Rod

Turn the control knob to ready and unplug the Espresso machine from the electrical socket, and let the machine cool completely before proceeding. Clean the hole in the steamer using a pin on the end of the cleaning tool that came with your Breville espresso maker. If the tip of the magic wand is foul or looks clogged, you can roll it into a hole in the center of the cleaner and soak it in hot water to remove any blockage.

7.Clean the Drip Tray

Pull out the drip tray from the bottom of the Espresso machine and empty it into the sink. Wash all parts of the drip tray in warm water and dish soap. Rinse and dry the goods before returning to your Breville espresso machine.

8. Wiping the Machine

Wipe the outside of the espresso machine with a damp cloth. You would need a cleaning microfiber for your device, so here you can get it.


MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Pack of 24,

How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine

Key features:

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CANNOT BE USED AND LONG – This microfiber towel has high-quality stitching with reinforced edges that prevent collapse, is durable, and is made up to hundreds of washes. Lightweight, super-absorbent, and dries quickly, use daily to enjoy your cleansing.

USE AND CARE – It comes in 4 colors and six pieces, each with a total of 24. Always dry after use. Wash hands or machines with less than 40 water separately from other items. Do not use fabric softeners and bleach. Do not iron—low dry. If you want help with a product or service after the sale, feel free to contact us. We are here for support and advice. How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine

Monthly Cleaning Process

Now here are cleaning methods which you should follow on monthly base cleaning.

How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine
  1. Clean Breville Machine

For this cleaning, you would need a bowl and vinegar. Set the Breville Espresso to ready and unplug the electric plug. Fill a water tank with a mixture of 50:50 water and white vinegar to clean Breville Espresso, also called decalcifying. If you have hard water, use 1-part water and 1-part white vinegar instead to remove the mineral accumulation in the device. Place a large bowl over the drip pan to catch the water and vinegar mixture.

2. Make the Vinegar Solution

Put your Breville machine into Espresso and turn it on. Wait until the orange temperature light is off, indicating that the water is hot enough for brewing. Switch the controller to an “espresso” and let half the mixture of vinegar and water pass through the making head into a large container.

3. Steam the Vinegar Solution

Place the steam stick on the container and move the Control button to “Steam.” The rest of the mixture will flow out of the steam tube.

4. Soaking the Breville

Fill the water tank with cold, clean water, and repeat steps 3 to 6 to rinse your Breville Espresso of daily routine.

If you want the best Breville Espresso Machine, then do check the overview giving below:


Breville Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine

Key Features:

The Breville Barista Express offers home: special third-wave coffee using a 4-key formula. It is part of a Barista series featuring an all-in-one espresso machine with a built-in grinder to go from coffee to Espresso in less than a minute.

Controlled Dosage: An integrated conical blender that grinds on-demand to deliver the right amount of fresh coffee directly to your portafilter to your liking with any roasted beans

Optimal water pressure: Pre-infusion of low pressure gradually increases the pressure at first and helps ensure all flavors are evenly extracted during extraction for a balanced cup of flavor.

Precise espresso extraction: Digital Temperature Control (PID) delivers water at the right temperature, ensuring optimal espresso extraction

Handmade microfoam milk texture: The powerful vapor tube performance allows you to provide microfoam milk that enhances flavor and will enable you to create latte art

Espresso machine with milling size dial: simple and intuitive, allows you to control the grind’s size regardless of the type of nuts you grind.

Espresso maker with built-in coffee grinder: an innovative milling cradle that allows any home barista to grind directly into an espresso portafilter for the perfect Espresso. How to clean a Breville Espresso Machine


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