How to clean an Air Fryer

Sometimes we stuck in that how to clean an air fryer? An air fryer is a great tool. It allows you to enjoy all of your favorite fried foods with less fat and fewer calories. You blow hot air over the food and cook it perfectly in no time. The process still leaves oil and a bit of food in the basket – and when dirty, cleaning it up can be a real pain. Learn how to clean an air fryer using items you may already have.

Before going to deep cleaning here are some suggestions that you have to follow for the maintenance of the air fryer.

Suggestions for air fryer cleaning

  • Never sink your air fryer in water. As it is an electric appliance so it may be ruined in the water.
  • When you remove food particles, don’t use metal, rough sponge, or steel wire brushes. It may cause damage to the non-stick coating on the air fryer.
  • You can use lemon to remove a foul odor from your air fryer. Take a lemon and put half of it in the basket for half an hour before cleaning.

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Deep Cleaning Tips

  • First of all, Unplug the air conditioner from the wall socket and make it cool.
  • Use a damp cloth and wipe the outside of it.
  • Make a solution of water with detergent or baking soda and wash pans, tray, and basket it.
  • One most important thing is that all removable components in the air fryer are dishwasher safe, so you can put them in the dishwasher if you don’t want to wash them by hand.
  • Take a sponge or soft cloth to clean the inside of the air fryer with hot water.
  • When you see that food is stuck in the heating element on top of the food basket then clean it with a brush which is a quick and easy method.
  • Before putting them back in the air fryer make sure that pots, trays, and baskets are completely dry.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Clean dry cloth

2. Baking soda

3. Microfiber cloth


  • Superfine Banded Microfiber Towel 70/30
  • Great for drying wet surfaces or quick detailed use and waterless wash products
  • The microfibers in the top towel allow it to absorb up to 10 times its weight in liquids
  • 360,000 strands per inch of high precision woven microfibers
  • No streaks, 100% fiber-free
  • The best temperature for washing towels is 60 ° C

4. Dish soap


  • Contains (6) 16-ounce rinse bottles
  • Leaving plates and glasses sparkling
  • Helps prevent stains and films
  • Made using renewable botanical ingredients
  • Non -toxic and biodegradable

Final Words:

Cleaning an air fryer is so easy don’t need to worry about it. Always refer to your user manual before placing the basket in the dishwasher, but most air fryer baskets are dishwasher safe.

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